Pageboy Wig Green

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Pageboy Wig Green

Make the world more colourful with this neon green bob wig!

Bright coloured wigs are a popular accessory for carnival or Halloween and techno events. They underline the look of a costume and add the finishing touch to a fancy dress. There are countless cuts and colours, but the bob is certainly one of the most popular hairstyles when it comes to carnival wigs.   Our Pageboy Wig Green is the perfect accessory for your next techno party as the flashy green colour is guaranteed to be an eye-catcheron any dancefloor.

The green bob wig is about neck length and features a straight fringe which emphasizes theclassic pageboystyle of this wig. The funky lime-green colour of this bob wig has a strong neon touch and looks extremely bright. This is why this cool carnival wig is the perfect accessory for all fans of electronic dance music, theme parties or carnival events.  If you want it even more colourful, we recommend you match your Pageboy Wig Green with our   Hatter Contact Lenses or the Green Contact Lenses UV !

Material: synthetic hair, size: one size (adults)

  • a flashy neon coloured bob wig
  • a bright green wig for carnival and techno events
  • a colourful costume accessory