Ohara long brown hair wig

Item #: 8800884

Ohara Long Hair Wig

Gorgeous long hair hairstyle for comfortable carrying

Stars like Eva Longoria or Jessica Alba wore that haircut.There are still long brown, stage cut and slightly falling hair over her shoulders a beautiful female charm.Your environment will not notice you're wearing a wig.

The Ohara long hair wig is cut stage and slightly curly.The beautiful second hair is processed from human hair and very good, so that the environment will not notice that it is a wig.The brown long hair wig is ideal for daily use and comfortable to wear.The human hair wig can be easily cleaned with water and shampoo.For the perfect late outfit you still need Real hair eyelashes black / fine and Thick Headed Boot or Lacquered Dress With Bow .

More Part informations:
  • high quality wig made of real hair
  • washable with water and shampoo
  • pleasant wearing comfort
  • slightly curled and stage cut
  • with bangs