Neon Green Wig

Item #: 20491

Neon Green Wig

Wear your green wig at St.Patrick's Day

If in the middle of March suddenly everything is green, spring is either very early, or erupted, it is St.Patrick's Day.At a banquet in honor of the Irish patron saint, it is customary to put on some green.The green Neonperücke is perfect for you at St.Patrick Day.

The neon green wig is a long-haired wig that reaches up to chest level down.A fransiges Pony is refined with black streaks, even in the body of the left and right a black streak to find.A black bow on top of the wig is an interesting accent.A Kermit Ladies Costume and a Tights Neon Green are a good combination with the green wig, a few Glitter Pumps green makes the perfect green dreams.

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color : Green, black