Cosplay Witch wig blue / black

Item #: 23761

Cosplay Witch wig blue / black

Long-haired wig for Gothic Fantasy Fans

With the exceptional Cosplay Wig it right this time on the colored Cosplay Convention and Halloween.The long-haired, blue-black witch wig Gothic & Manga Style, helps to provide your fantasy and fairy costume with the right hairstyle and a unique color combination.

The exceptional long-haired wig with hair band is ideal for flamboyant costumes and outfits and impresses with his face flattering bangs and black, located on the front and on the crown side strands.Other colors, such as the Cosplay witch wig pink / black and Cosplay Witch Wig silver / black you may also like.

1 x Cosplay Witch wig blue / black

  • Color: Blue-Black
  • Length: Breast Long
  • Material: Synthetic Hair