Self eyebrows heather gray white

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heather Selbstkelbende eyebrows gray white

Brewing for dominant views

The selbstkelbenden eyebrows in gray white heather put your face in scene and give you a dominant appearance.With the narrow brows you have a quick and easy costume accessory with which you give your outfit the finishing touch.Whether as an aging Vikings or as cruel vampire prince, eyebrows made of synthetic hair ensure the right effect of your facial expressions at Halloween.

The self-adhesive eyebrows are made of gray mottled white synthetic hair and can be bonded quickly and easily in the face.The presence on the back of medical plaster sheet ensures a good grip of the eyebrows.The narrow eyebrows can be repeatedly reused with mastic skin glue or double-sided patch.Matching the striking eyebrows, there is the Viking Combi beard Black-Grey Heather and the Vampire Child Costume Deluxe ,

  • Delivery: 1 x Self eyebrows ash white
  • Color: gray white
  • Size: approx. 7 x 2cm (length x width)
  • Material: 100% synthetic hair
  • easy-to-install eyebrows for quick costume

Caution: As with any decorative cosmetics can cause allergic skin reactions in sensitive individuals.Therefore, it is recommended that is made prior to use of the product, a test in the elbow to exclude any allergic reactions.Please get the product applied on a small area of ​​the elbow, and ca.Leave on for 30-60 minutes.If an allergic skin reaction occur, it is not recommended to use the product.