Violette Extensions

Item #: 17682

Violette Extensions

3 Piece Hair-Extension Set in shrill punk optics

To spice your look and to change our Violet Extensions just right.The set of 3 Violet Extensions are to conjure up a simple and quick method a little more color in your hair.Our Violet Extensions You do not need a hairdresser and no chemicals, only your hands.The Violet Extensions work with the clip-in principle and are simply clipped Unters outer coat and you've got a new groovy hairdo.

Funky Extensions in bright colors suitable for carnival and Masquerades as much as for a concert or disco visit, the extravagant hairpieces fit for any occasion.Costume suggestions the well a little color and our Violet would Extensions tolerated hair among other Draculabräute, witch and vampire costumes.In our Horror Shop you'll find a variety of Halloween costumes which fit a sassy hairstyle and Violet Extensions outstanding as the Funky Punk Witch Gr. S / M or that Sexy Vampiress Costume ,

  • Material: 100% synthetic hair, content 3 pcs.
  • Length: approx35 cm