Yellow construction helmet for children

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Yellow construction helmet for children

Hardhat for children as a builder panel

Can we do that? Jo, we can! This is the slogan of a popular children's series in which a construction worker plays the main role.Ever since "Bob" is the cult figure for children, he can be on TV, discover Cds, in children's rooms and on Schulränzen.Therefore, the small home builder should on no children or carnival themed party missing.With a jaunty blue husband and our yellow construction helmet you have the perfect costume for your little darling.

The hard hat is yellow for a classic children Hardhat made of plastic and has an inside circumference of about18cm.The helmet is very light and comfortable to wear and therefore not a burden on your child.There are also other great costumes for children as our Policeman Child Costume S and our Elf Child Costume M .

Information about the yellow construction helmet for children:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: Inner circumference approx. 18cm
  • light weight

Note: Not suitable as a protective helmet.Pure costume accessory.