Freddy Krueger Slouch

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Freddy Krueger Slouch

Legendary Schlapphut the child murderer Freddy Krueger.

The legendary Freddy Krueger Slouch has become his trademark even to and may actually never be missing when the child murderer Freddy the teenage haunts from the US hit movie A Nightmare on Elm Street in their sleep.There, the teen slasher Freddy attacks from Elm Street to his victims to then assassinate gruesome manner.

The brown Freddy Krueger Slouch in the look of an old Filzhuts with gunshot residue is next to his Freddy Krueger Metal Glove Deluxe with sharp blades and his striped Freddy Krueger Pullover Deluxe one of his famous trademark.

  • Delivery: 1 Freddy Krueger Slouch
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: Grown up