Carnival Prince Hat Red/White

Item #: 41523

Carnival Prince Hat Red/White

The traditional hat of a handsome German Carnival Prince

Carnival means wild partying, singing and dancing - in many parts of Germany people celebrate Carnival in the streets. It is tradition for every region to elect their Carnival Prince. With this red and white Carnival Cap you can turn yourself into a German Prince Carnival.

The red and white Carnival Prince Hat with the glittering silver trims is based on the traditional headwear of a German Carnival Prince. Turn yourself into a Carnival ladies' man with this stylish cap. The Guard costume red / white and the Tanzmariechen Costume green are traditional German Carnival costumes for ladies.

  • Includes: one Prince Hat
  • Colour: red/white
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Inside circumference: approx. 57 cm