Werewolf Gloves Grey

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Werewolf Gloves Grey

Haired werewolf gloves with long claws

When the full moon is in the sky, this is the right occasion to wear a werewolf costume and hairy werewolf gloves in order to celebrate the full moon.Disguise yourself with gray werewolf gloves as a costume accessory but to Halloween and carnival into a wolf man and teach the party guests to fear.The gray werewolf gloves You slip quickly into the role of a snarling night hunter.But caution is advised when someone shoots with silver balls on you, they can not stop even the strongest wolf paws.

With a length of ca.40 cm ranging werewolf hands up over the covered with gray fur forearm, while the fingers are provided with sharp claws.To complete your look, we recommend the Grey werewolf mask with teeth ,Also interesting for you could Musty Vampire Gloves be.

  • Delivery: 1 x Werewolf Gloves
  • I ontents: 2 pieces
  • Color: gray
  • Size: approx. 40 cm
  • Material: 100% polyester and latex application