Joker gloves

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Joker gloves

These gloves are you doing you will not get dirty fingers

He is the worst enemy Batman's and his favorite task bestehrt in the city in ruins lay.Omnipresent is his nemesis, the ever comes to him in the way.No matter where the Joker appears, it is always well dressed and does rarely hands dirty.Here his gloves play a major role.

The purple gloves are a pointed costume accessory for any Joker fan who wants to play the role of villain.The gloves are made of synthetic leather and have on the inside a soft fleece.The Joker Dark Knight Costume. M / L 52-54 makes your Joker trim completely.

  • Delivery: a pair of gloves Joker
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Color: purple
  • Size: Adult