American Indian Necklace

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 American Indian Necklace

This is an absolutely extraordinary accessory!

Native Americans always knew that necklaces are must have accessories. They created beautiful necklaces from pearls, sticks and animal fangs to adorn their necks. Even today women love to pep up their outfits with a beautiful necklace.

The American Indian Necklace looks just like the jewellery of an Indian woman. The necklace has a full length of approx. 85 cm. It features 10 animal fangs separated from each other by brown pearls. Every single one of these fangs stands for an animal that was shot by an Indian so he could feed his family!

The remaining part of the necklace is made of small bamboo sticks and pearls. The bamboo sticks alternate with one green and one blue pearl to create a beautiful style. The necklace has no closure as it is long enough to be put over the head.

Now all you need is a matching costume for your lovely American Indian Necklace. How about the Squaw / Indian Costume. M and the Indian Squaw Wig for an authentic hair style?