Walking Stick Steamdragon

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Walking Stick Steamdragon

When there are no dragons left, we will create them ourselves!

London, 1895: Professor Calamari, the evil scientist, has nearly finished building his new machine that he will use to rule the world. A gigantic lindworm made of metal and steel lies in front of him, on the floor of  his secret factory.  The most modern weapon systems are being applied to it. From the dragon-shaped head of the infernal machine Calamari will be able to fire flame throwers, machine guns, artillery shells, cannons and torpedos. The small version of the steamdragon's head adorneds the professor's walking stick.

The handle of the Steamdragon Walking Stick features a lindworm-like, chinese style dragon made of brass-coloured metal. The dragon head seems to devour the cane while its body curls up to a circle that forms the handle. The tip of the black walking stick is decorated with brass-coloured ornaments and features a rubber bottom side to cushion the heavy steamdragon cane. Most people choose a cane to match their costume, but if you fell in love with this beautiful piece, why not choose a costume that matches your cane? We recommend to dress up in the vampire gentleman and add some trendy accessories like the Steampunk Notebook "My Journal" and the Necklace with clock pendant to your outfit.


  • Material: polyresin, metal
  • Length: approx. 94 cm
  • Lengthof dragon: approx. 13 cm
  • Diameter of dragon: approx. 10 cm