Item #: 8801211


Let's burn the Hippielunte

San Francisco in the 60s.Everyone was in a good mood and have love, peace ubd happyness common.But such huge devices themselves have not cut away the hippies, a joint had come for a whole army of Friedensverfächtern.Even a Rastafarian would be intimidated with such a huge grass bag, and had to cope alone problems with the thing.

The mega-joke-joint is a fun costume accessory and is ideally suited to all Rasta hippie and outfits.From below werdent always thicker upwards, similar to the giant wrong Blunt from a paper cornet.The glow at the tip of red shiny foil is surrounded by an artificial ashes.The slightly angekokelte paper does the fake hashish cigarette look deceptively real.A great costume idea for this is the Rainbow Hippie Costume and the Hippie Male Costume Size L

Product Information:

  • Material: plastic and paper


  • Length: approx15cm
  • Diameter max.: About3cm
  • Diameter min.: About1cm