Harlequin Badge Var Colours

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Harlequin Badge Var Colours

Pep up your costume!

The primary aspect of Harlequin was his physical agility and his frolicsome merriness. While generally depicted as stupid and crude, he is indeed very witty and ingenious. His constant hunger and thirst and his sexual appetite are an important party of his character.

The Harlequin Badge Var Colours is a perfect accessory for carnival, when people like to party, eat and drink, which is Harlequin's favourite pastime, too. The badge depicts a Harlequin head with hat and clown collar. The badge features a vertically attached pin at the backside to fasten it to clothing, bags and the like. The Harlequin pin is available in several colours: green, yellow or blue. The colour will be chosen at random. for more Harlequin stuff, we recommend you take a look at our Harlequin clown costume with collar or the Spooky harlequin with LED lighting!

Price per 1 Harlequin Badge (colour chosen at random)

Material: plastic