Halloween Badge 1st Prize

Item #: 13689

Halloween Badge 1st Prize

There's a countless number of contests you can have at your Halloween Party. Think about costume contests, Scream Queen contests, best makeup contests and so on. The most important thing is an award to prove you took part and were the winner. You can be super proud on your Halloween Badge 1st Prize and it will be a lovely reminder of an unforgettable Halloween evening. The round plastic badge features a creped trim, two decorative ribbons and a safety pin on the back. The front of the award is a hollow transparent vinyl badge filled with glittering confetti. The Halloween Badge 1st Prize is also available as Halloween Badge 2nd Prize and Halloween Badge 3rd Prize.

Contains 1 piece.

Approx. 15,2 cm x 9,5 cm.

Material: plastic with polyester ribbons and metal pin.