Golden Pharaohs scepter

Item #: 17896

Golden Pharaohs scepter

Goldglänzender Pharaohs staff as the symbol of power

The ruler of the kingdom of the Nile, are buried in the mummies and pharaohs, showing his power with his golden scepter pharaohs.The golden pharaohs scepter are magical things rumored and it is suspected that can thus speak of Pharaoh also deadly curses.

The golden pharaohs scepter as jewelry a golden Cobra at the end and is about48cm long.The Pharaohs rod is an important costume accessory and a must on any Pharaonic costume.Passing on this Pharaonic scepter would be the Pharaoh Tutankhamun Costume. L and to go as a couple nor the Ägytische Pharaoh Costume. S 36/38

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size about.48 cm