Genuine ostrich feather red

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Genuine ostrich feather red

As the spring came out from the bouquet

The ostrich feather was as jewelry so popular in Europe that the animals were almost extinct.It was not until 1838 that it began in South Africa to breed the ratites because of their feathers.Today, they are even held in Germany on ostrich farms, because of their thighs only.

The real ostrich feather comes from the white part of the ostrich plumage and was dyed red.It is up to fifty centimeters long and wonderfully soft.With the spring historical costumes can be spiced up, because the ostrich feather as Hutschmuck was a status symbol.Matching costumes were there for example 8801174PS, 8801189 or later 18522ndThe ostrich feather is also available in other colors: Genuine ostrich feather black , Genuine Ostrich Feather Green , Genuine ostrich feather yellow and Genuine ostrich feather blue .

  • Material : Real feather
  • Color Red
  • Mass : Length about30 cm, width about20 cm