Cheerleader Pom Pon Red

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Cheerleader Pom Pon Red

Bei einer echten Cheerleaderin dürfen die Pom Pons nicht fehlen!

When you watch an American football match, one of the main attractions are the hot cheerleaders. The direct the audience to cheer on their sports team.

The best way to do so is to get everyones attention with eye-catching dance shows and colourful pom-pons! Every cheerleader has her own pompoms which naturally have to match the respective outfit! But luckily not only cheerleaders are allowed to use pom-pons. Party fans appreciate the colourful Cheerleader Pom Pon, too! They follow your every dancing move and all the single threads wiggle with the beats of the music.
The pom-ponsare available in different colours and sizes. These ones have a total length of 29 cm with 24 cm long threads. The pom poms feature a plastic handle hidden at the centre of the pom-pon. The two-finger handle makes it very easy to hold the pom pom.

Match your Cheerleader Pom Pon with our Cheerleader Wig blond and the White Knee Bodches With Black Bow for a sexy theme party costume!

Includes: 1 pom-pon

Colour: red

Material: plastic