Brown boot tops

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Brown boot tops

Brown boot covers as costume accessories

Previously, the boot tops were only the military reserved.But soon after the general society fande pleasure in the Stiefelüberzehern.And the dark boots gauntlets ware s in the 17thCentury for a knight indispensable.Today, the leggings are verglreichbar with the cuffs, which are usually worn to miniskirts.At Carnival, the boot tops, however, have brown boom, for all the knights and musketeers Zorro's out there, the dark boot warmers are an accessory that is a must on the costuming in any case.

The boot tops are made of dark brown faux leather and can be combined into a super Musketeer or Zorro outfit.The Greaves can be coated easily and keep your foot down with a black stretch belt.The leggings are turned upside down at top so that the appearance of a right boot is formed by the rough surface of Greaves This impression is reinforced.With the Musketeer Costume and the Zorro sword with sound creates a great outfit idea.

Product Information:
  • Material: 100% synthetic leather
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions:
  • Total length: about40cm
  • Brim: approx26cm
  • Brim Length: about14cm
  • Gamaschenbreite: ca14cm