Bible Minibar

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Bible Minibar

Turn yourself into an experienced bible expert!

Have you read in the bible today? There are lots of good reasons to read the Holy Scripture. Once you start reading you will get to know the bible better and better and you will realize how every page of the word of God will make your life more cheerful.

This very special liquor bible is a dark brown hardcover with golden letters. When you open the book, you will discover two velcro fasteners and a plastic frame with a grey hip flask and two shot glasses, all made of plastic. The gray flask has a label with a cross and a pair of angel wings and the writing "Father - Horton Hammered". The little shotglasses are decorated with a yellow cross. This bible contains a very special kind of holy spirit! It is approx. 20 cm long, 12,5 cm wide and 4 cm high. This bible is all you need if you are on a mission to convert your fellowmen dressed in a White Pope Premium Costume or a Mother Superior Nonnenkostm . A great gag for Halloween, carnival or theme parties. Enjoy your praying!

 Additional information:

  • Dark brown hardcover book with golden print
  • Velcro closure and plastic frame
  • Grey plastic hip flask with label
  • 2 shot glasses with cross decor
  • Hip flask holds approx. 100 ml (no guarantee)
  • Measurements:  approx. 20 cm long, approx. 12,5 cm wide and approx 4 cm high

Please note: Hip flask is not filled!