Animal Mask Horse

Item #: 8800207

Animal Mask Horse

Put on your mask and feel like a wild horse!

Parties where everyone has to dress up as an animal are becoming more and more popular. If you want to join the next beastly event, just grab this mask and turn yourself into a horse! With this mask and the right outfit you will be a welcome guest at any animal themed party!

The Animal Mask Horse is a face mask that can be fastened by means of the attached elastic band. As the mask only covers your face, you can do your hair into a wild mane. The vacuform mask features eye and nostril holes. Two additional holes at the back of the horse's nose guarantee easy breathing. If you and your friends want to be a herd of horses, check out our Braces Pink !

Material: plastic

Size: standard size adult

Measurements: mask without ears approx. 21 cm

                        snout: approx. 14 cm