Skeleton Decoration

Skeleton decoration as a classic for the Halloween party. Decorate your horror event with skeleton decoration and browse through our huge selection of skulls, reaper figures and skeleton garlands. Now had a rickety skeleton.

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Skeleton Deco

Skeleton Deco for the Halloween Party

Skeleton decoration like the skull, the Grim Reaper and the Grim Reaper are just part of the perfect Halloween party. What would a creepy Halloween night be without a skeleton?! For the garden is suitable among other things a rocking skeleton ghost, bone hands as garden plug and musty gravestones with skeleton motifs. Particularly popular for the house wall is our facade climber skeleton decoration and wall foils with bone frames. In the house the skeleton decoration makes itself particularly well, if the guests are welcomed by a bone skeleton sitting on the couch or if a dog skeleton at the entrance door knows the way into the good room. In the staircase, a skeleton latex torso looks particularly good, while a skeleton garland may adorn the rest of the apartment.

Can Skeleton Deco also be child-friendly?

Of course there is also skeleton decoration for children. This is often even more suitable for the Halloween party of children, because together with pumpkins, ghosts & witches, it is less bloody than for example a decoration with zombies. Most children already know the rickety skeleton from school biology lessons. Of course the skeleton decoration is shown a little creepier on Halloween, but will the little ones really be afraid? We don't think so! Then let's go and decorate the skeleton figure, the skull, the Grim Reaper as Jack Skellington together with the children - it'll be great Halloween fun!

Skeleton decoration for the horror event really nasty

You can present the skeleton decoration really blatant when only adults come to your Halloween party. For example, you can turn your entire garden into a creepy graveyard. Decorate a huge Skeleton Reaper Animatronic in the house entrance, which is electronically controlled like in a ghost train, making the party guests freeze their blood in their veins with creepy sayings and movements. Speaking of blood - with fake blood, which you can also buy in our online shop, you can make simple white skeleton decoration nice and bloody, add a few artificial maggots and slimy eyes and the Halloween bone corpse is ready.

Create & bake your own skeleton decoration

You can also make your own skeleton decoration from simple white paper plates or assemble a skeleton figure from individual bones. You can also let your imagination run wild in the kitchen for Halloween. Whether it's the Jack Skellington Muffin, simple Skeleton Biscuits or the Skull Cake Pops - that's up to you. The main thing is that the classic skeleton decoration is not missing at the Halloween buffet!
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