Halloween Tombstones

Halloween tombstones as scary decoration for your Halloween party. Decorative tombstones made of weatherproof material for your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations. Halloween Tombstones in ghost train quality for your Halloween event.

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Creepy, creepier - Halloween tombstones

A well-chosen decoration is indispensable for every Halloween party. With a few pumpkins and artificial blood smeared tablecloths it is therefore not done. Halloween tombstones are the perfect addition. But not all Halloween tombstones are the same. You can use these not only for your interior decoration, but also set them up outside. Since they are made of a resistant material, they can withstand the cold autumn rain and small fall storms. First and foremost, Halloween tombstones differ in their sizes. These go from slightly smaller to large and mighty. Especially popular are tombstone sets, such as the 3 Piece Set grave stone 50 cm. Since this set is made of styrofoam, it is recommended that you place it in the dry so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Sets have the advantage that they consist of several components. So you can build your own little graveyard inside or in front of your home. It is important that the Halloween tombstones look as creepy and weathered as possible. That's why you can choose from countless dilapidated tombstones that are just waiting to raise the dead. Also particularly suitable for this is the Falling Angel Gravestone, which gives the impression of an old and almost forgotten cemetery. The gravestone is old and weathered, which makes it look especially creepy. But there are not only gray colored stones over which the undead watch. Red or green tombstones provide some variety in your gloomy realm. The Grave stone with a cross and skull is in a neglected rust red and certainly looks good among many other tombstones.

Halloween decoration with extras

Who now thinks that the tombstones differ only in their shape and size, however, is wrong. Some of the Halloween tombstones are equipped with exciting extras that bring you even closer to the creeps. The Skull grave stone with LED represents a particularly gruesome specimen. In the skull in the eye sockets are two LED lights, which draw full attention to this Halloween decoration in the dark. The matching batteries are of course included. All tombstones are also equipped with engravings. Whether the classic RIP or even a name with date of birth and death - here every Halloween decoration is unique and impressive. Some tombstones even have holograms on them that look incredibly realistic. Eerie photos can then be attached in remembrance of the dead, perhaps soothing the restless souls. Some tombstones even come with a chalkboard that can be individually inscribed. The chalk is of course included. This way you can send a personal message to Halloween fans.

Sturdy Halloween decoration

Some tombstones are made of polyfoam and therefore only suitable for indoor use and not for outdoor use. However, this makes them extra lightweight and easy to place in any corner or on any elevation. Other tombstones are made of polystyrene and can therefore easily be placed outdoors. These Halloween decorations are also easy to set up or stick into the lawn with the help of sticks that are included. In addition, this gloomy Halloween decoration is easy to clean with a soft cloth or a slightly damp cloth, so you can use the tombstones again anytime. If one creepy tombstone isn't enough, you can decorate it with more extras to make it even scarier. Decorate your favorite tombstone with something Deco Moss 80g or disgusting Halloween Spider Webs, which you can also get in the Halloween shop. Embellish your own Halloween party with these super elements or offer the Halloween fans something spooky when they make their rounds. A tombstone should at least not be missing in any of these plans.

So that it doesn't stay dead silent on your Halloween graveyard, we recommend you take a look at the following categories:

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