Halloween Candy

Trick or treat! Order Halloween candy & Halloween sweets now. Huge selection of Halloween candy & Halloween fruit gum - Halloween chewing and fruit gum from Haribo, Trolli and more. - Trick or Treat can come!

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Halloween Sweets

Treats to spook your taste buds: Halloween sweets

No good party without a good buffet - experience has taught us this. In addition to the taste, the visual appearance of the delicacies served is crucial, especially at theme parties. This is especially true for a spooky party on Halloween or any other gruesome occasion. Anyone who has temporarily taken leave of earthly standards with their disguise will want the right catering - and will find it in the form of Halloween sweets.
Among the Halloween candies, you can stock up on everything necessary for your extraordinary, stylish creepy buffet. The spectrum of Halloween fruit gums should be broad, according to the diverse taste preferences of ghosts, vampires and co. The following overview will help you decide.

Halloween sweets from sweet to sour to spicy

There's no question that even among witches and werewolves there are those with a sweet tooth who enjoy a sweet treat. The Trolli Tarantula 975gr. or even the Trolli Dracula 200g charmingly combine the sweet taste with a scary look. After all, who has ever bitten into a spider full of anticipation? Dextrose in an unusual design is also sweet: The Pumpkin lollipop "Jack-O-Lolly" is especially popular with young ghosts.
If you're really something, you'll go for the sour highlights in Halloween fruit gums. As the name suggests, the Center Shock chewing gum monster will be remembered for its shocking effect and is ideal as a small snack between meals. The Witches shower Plutonita chewing gum also provides a pleasant tingling sensation on the tongue.
After the Halloween fruit jelly you feel like something spicy? Real yetis and nasty skeletons test their taste buds with a spicy sauce that makes the palate boil. Care must be taken with the dosage, however: A few drops of the Blair`s Sudden Death Sauce are all it takes to get the mood going strong.
From Halloween candy to ordinary food: Finally, the buffet must not be without the tried and tested cake and pudding, as well as red fruit jelly. To give these dishes their spooky look, food coloring is a great way to go. The Liquid Food Colouring Dragon Blood is simply mixed into the batter during baking and immediately achieves its special visual effect. In addition, puddings and cakes can also be shaped in an original way. You can find the appropriate baking pans in our shop.

Halloween candy for diligent Trick or Treat collectors

Beyond the memorable celebration, there's another group that shouldn't be forgotten on Halloween night: You should be prepared for late-night visitors who will be at the door with a clear demand for trick-or-treaters. With Halloween fruit gums you are well prepared for the expected ghosts and witches at your door. Experience has shown that the youngsters are enthusiastic about the whole range of Halloween sweets: the Haribo Crazy Python 150 St. are just as popular as the Haribo Vampire fruit jelly. The Colorful monster Lollys are also a special treat among the Halloween sweets: with these tongue painters, memorable effects can be achieved. Why not serve the Halloween sweets in the theme appropriate Freddy Krueger Candy Holder!

Halloween fruit gums as party fun for many occasions

You don't want to miss out on Sweet Witches and other Halloween candy highlights even after the spooky evening? While the nasty creatures retreat to their quarters with the onset of winter, Halloween sweets are fortunately always in season. A foam sugar ghost here, a spooky lollipop there, the extra portion of creepy feeling in the form of special culinary creations finds its fans at any time.
Just let our assortment of Halloween sweets get you in the mood for the upcoming party or spooky occasion and find the Halloween fruit gum that suits you and your guests best. Always keep in mind: If you don't have any candy, you'll get some...

Here's what to get for your Halloween candy:

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