Halloween Skull

Skulls are a classic Halloween decoration and come in different designs. Whether as a Halloween skull in antique look or as a colorful dia de los muertos "Sugar Skull", skulls are mega in!

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Create a spooky atmosphere with Halloween skulls

The right creepy decorations are of great importance at your Halloween party. With the right decoration elements you can create an unsettling atmosphere and immerse your guests in the scary world of zombies and ghosts for one evening. At Horror-Shop.com you'll find a huge selection of Halloween accessories to set the right mood at your Halloween party.

Halloween skulls belong to every scary party

Whether as hanging decoration or for the design of your party tables: Halloween skulls are indispensable for a successful Halloween party and you can find them in our online shop in all possible shapes and variations. You can use the Halloween skull to decorate your creepy buffet or hang it from the ceiling of your party location. Our authentic looking Halloween skulls are also perfect for the entrance. There they will give your guests goosebumps right at the beginning of your party and spread the eerie feeling of being in a creepy graveyard.

Order your Halloween skull easily and comfortably online

At Horror-Shop.com you will find a huge selection of Halloween skulls, each one scarier than the next. Our most innocuous option is the Dead Skull Day Of The Dead, which is all in the floral pattern of the Mexican holiday commemorating the dead. The eye sockets glitter heavily, giving the Halloween skull a glamorous look, despite its original meaning of mortal danger and death.
Much creepier, on the other hand, is the Halloween Exhumation Skull, which looks very authentic and scary when combined with something Decoration Moss 125g and a Squeaky Black Widow Spider XL. You can place the Halloween skull directly at the entrance or in the front garden and thus present to your guests from the very beginning where they have been invited - to a creepy graveyard! The excavation skull is very effective and spreads the creepy feeling at your Halloween party.
The goosebumps feeling is increased with the Skull Spider with Spiderweb. This one gives the impression that maggots and spiders have hollowed out the skull, a really disgusting performance. Perfectly placed, both Halloween skulls can provide real shock moments for your guests.
Especially popular with our customers are also the Halloween Animatronics, which we at Horror-Shop.com of course also offer in the form of a Halloween skull. Animatronics are talking or moving decorative figures that seem to suddenly come to life through sound sensors, movement or the push of a button and can provide a murder scare for your party guests. The Talking Mock Zombie Skull will scare more than just the neighborhood kids on their trick-or-treating trip with its green, blinking LED eyes! The Zombie Animatronic works at the touch of a button and can move his jaw up and down in addition to his blinking eyes. As he does so, he makes horrific sounds and a ghastly laugh, creating a spooky atmosphere. The Skull Head Lamp offers you a suitable alternative if you are looking for Halloween animatronics in skull style. Worried that the great creepy effect will be lost due to the lamp's low height of only 36 centimeters? Don't worry, because the constant color change of the LED lamp will attract a lot of attention of your guests and create an especially creepy atmosphere.

To every successful creepy party belongs the matching Halloween skull

A successful party needs to be planned for a long time and at Halloween this means not only the costume but also the matching decoration. And with Halloween skulls you are exactly right. The symbolic character of the skull makes it perfect for a spooky decoration and for every Halloween party. Start browsing now and order your Halloween decoration easily and comfortably online at horror-shop.com.

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