Halloween Decoration Foils

Halloween wall film & Halloween window film to decorate your Halloween party location at a reasonable price. With stone wall film as an old wall & a horde of zombies as a motif, you quickly create a Halloween atmosphere with the Halloween decoration film!

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Lightning fast makeover with Halloween decoration foils

Are you in the middle of planning this year's Halloween party? Are you looking for the perfect costume, the matching accessories and the right Halloween decorations for an unforgettable evening? Then Horror-Shop.com is the right place for you. We offer you a huge selection of products that should not be missing on your scary party. Get inspired by our large selection of Halloween wall film and Halloween window film and get ready for a unique experience and the best party of the year.

Browse our huge assortment of Halloween decoration film

For a successful Halloween party you need sufficient planning. At horror-shop.com we help you to transform your party location into an authentic looking crypt or a creepy graveyard. Your guests will be amazed! Our very special tip: The Halloween decoration foil. With very little effort, our Halloween window films can spread the ghost train feeling at your party. The Halloween Deco Foils look like the Steinwand film of an old building, appear realistic and are easy to remove from the wall after the party.

The scarier the better!

The Halloween wall foil Help Us door sheet is extremely effective. With a door that looks like it's covered in bloody hands, you can start the creepiness for your guests right at the entrance to the party! After all, who wants to enter a room where a lot of blood has obviously been spilled?
No matter how boring your wallpaper is, our Bat Wall Foil will transform any room into a gloomy atmosphere. The giant Halloween wall decal will make your friends feel like a flock of bats are flying over your heads in a blood red sky. The Halloween decoration foil definitely creates goosebumps. If that's not enough, the deco foil Wall Crawler skeleton will give your friends a huge scare when they unsuspectingly enter a room with a scary skeleton emerging from the wall.
Especially popular with our customers is the Halloween ghosts Fensterbild, a fantastic Halloween window film that is guaranteed to give you a real scary moment. The Freddy Krueger film mirror can also be a real eye-catcher at your party.
The Bloody warning decorative sheet is a unique decoration element that attracts a lot of attention and that your friends will not soon forget. The Halloween wall wrap gives the gruesome impression that someone has smeared the warning "Beware Get Out" on the wall in bloody letters. A horrifying image!
The Skeletons By The Fireplace Halloween Wall Foil is great for your living room and will conjure up an authentic looking fireplace in your space in seconds. And since we're talking about Halloween, there are some skeletons rising out of the fireplace. This wall foil is definitely not for the faint of heart and can become a highlight at your Halloween party!
The Skeleton motif bathroom door decoration film not only shows your guests the way to the toilet in an especially scary way, but also makes it clear to all party guests that the scary doesn't even stop at the toilet!

How about a fun Halloween decoration foil for a change?

If the idea of that is too much for you, we also have some fun Halloween decoration foils on offer that offer you a suitable alternative for your Halloween decoration. The Happy Halloween Pumpkin Door film lets your neighbors and friends know that you can't wait for Halloween to come. The small Pumpkin faces for sticking can be stuck everywhere in the house and spread the right mood, because the pumpkin grimace should not be missing on any Halloween party.
At horror-shop.com you will find a huge selection of Halloween wall films and Halloween window films. No matter if your guests prefer a funny party or if they are fans of the motto: the scarier, the better. In our assortment there is something for every taste.
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