Halloween Scene Setters

Turn your room into a dungeon or a Halloween party cellar with our great Scary Scene Setters and room rolls. The different styles are great to match so you can create always new Halloween and horror scenes.

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The Perfect Halloween Scene Setters for the Perfect Halloween Party!

Your Halloween party starts with the first steps into the room. Into which world are your guests transcending? A creepy dungeon? A psychotic scientist’s laboratory? Or simply into a room filled with the spooky wonders typical of a Halloween party? No matter which scene you want to create, or how dramatic you want your decorations to be, Horror-shop.com has a huge selection of Halloween Scene Setters to create the perfect party environment. With the right Halloween Wall Decorations and props, you can convert any room into whatever freaky Halloween scene your heart desires!
The concept of Halloween Scene Setters and the Wall Decorations is very broad; there are many decorations and props which can successfully be used to set a gruesome Halloween mood, so be sure to browse through our large selection to see which decorations you will need. A great place to start is with some Halloween Wall Decorations which can be affixed to any wall and easily convert a room into a nightmarish horror scene. Many of these Halloween Scene Setters can be used to create a specific decor theme, but many are just generally creepy, traditional Halloween imagery.
How can you attach Halloween Wall Decorations to your wall? There are several ways, and simple drawing pins will usually be enough-- no need for nails or to damage the wall. A good idea would be to remove some pictures or decorations that are there and use the hooks or nails for some seasonal Halloween decor! Be sure to order a wide variety of decorations to really immerse your guests in the Halloween experience and cover all the walls, windows and doors in your party room.

Spooky Halloween Wall Decoration

Need an idea to get started setting the Halloween mood? Why not run with the theme of Spooky Skeletons? Like the traditional jack o lantern, Halloween skeletons are one of the most iconic Halloween images and are equally classic and scary. A good place to start might be with some of these Skeletons By The Fireplace Halloween Wall Foil. This Creepy Wall Decoration will cover a party of your wall and will really make it seem that there is a pending invasion… of a skeleton army!
You might consider also using some wall film, like this Ghosts wall film to create the giant, eerie image of skeleton hanging in the background, where the bodies were left on the gallows after being murdered on All Hallow’s Eve hundreds of years ago… Another Halloween Wall Decoration is this Hanging Skeleton Wall Decoration to keep up the illusion that the party is getting invaded by skeletons! This funny Jack O Lantern window stickers ties in the pumpkin imagery with the skeleton imagery, both traditional on Halloween.

Door Covering Halloween Scene Setters

One great idea to decorate your entire house is to incorporate some over-the-door decorations. These can be affixed over a door to give the impression that the door is actually open and there is a creepy, scary, spooky or hilarious scene in its place! This Creepy Refrigerator Door Decoration could even be hung over your real refrigerator to give the impression of an open fridge door with lots of ghastly and ghoulish Halloween atrocities happening inside. There are also some funnier over-the-door Halloween Scene Setters, like this Skeleton motif bathroom door decoration film. Even skeletons need a bathroom break!
If you want some diversity from the pervasive skeleton imagery, there are many other over-the-door decorations and Halloween Wall Decorations to choose from, like this Zombie door sheet and 12m Bat Wall Foil. This Halloween Banner With Letters is less scary and would be perfect for children’s parties. The combinations are endless!

Let the Bloodcurdling Fun Begin – with the Right Halloween Scene Setters

No matter what scene you want to set and what imagery you want to show off on Halloween this year, make sure to stock up on some Halloween Scene Setters and Halloween Wall Decorations. These are perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way to convert any room into a Halloween horror show. They are so easy, too; just hang them on the wall using simple drawing pins, sticky-tack or replace all your non-Halloween decorations with some Halloween ones. Want to go all out this year? Then floor to ceiling decorations are a must!

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