Halloween Decoration Figures

Halloween figures as decoration. Huge selection of Halloween hanging figures & Halloween stand-up figures. Get Halloween figures in ghost train quality now and create a professional scary atmosphere. Life-size Halloween figures as a party hit!

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Life-size Halloween decoration figures and dolls to put up & hang up

Complete your Halloween decoration with our life-size Halloween decoration figures to put up and hang up! At Horror-Shop.com you can expect Halloween figures up to three meters high, which make your scary decoration perfect. Whether as hanging decoration or Halloween stand-up figures, in our online shop everyone will find the right Halloween figures for a real creepy atmosphere!

Dip your party location with our Halloween decoration figures in a creepy atmosphere

Halloween figurines are a very simple decoration element. Most of our Halloween figurines can be set up in seconds and later easily folded again and stored conveniently. So you can turn your party location into a spooky castle without much time and effort! The best thing about the Halloween decoration figures is that they can be reused at any time. Because once your party is a big success, you'll want to invite your guests again next year! For a successful Halloween party, a pumpkin with its creepy grimace is indispensable! In our category Halloween decoration figurines you will find a lot of Halloween figurines with pumpkin motif. For example, how about the Gefesselter Pumpkin Ghost Hanging Figure 100 cm, which is already lying in wait for your guests in the front garden? As an alternative we can offer you the Grave guardian pumpkin Steckfigur, a scary garden decoration that is not for the faint hearted! The Pumpkin Ghost On The Swing also looks really scary in your garden and delivers the intended creepy kick. The Creepy Franken Monster Aufstellfigur is guaranteed to give your guests goosebumps, as the infamous movie monster looks great at any Halloween party! The life-size Halloween stand-up figure is the ultimate Halloween decoration for your scary party! The Creepy Witch Aufstellfigur is a welcome guest at every Halloween party and will scare your friends. The Horror clown decoration is the perfect scary decoration especially for your guests who are afraid of clowns. With its 1.60 meters height, the Halloween figure looks especially scary and authentic and turns every home into a haunted castle. The Hanging Reaper white is also very popular with your party guests and will send a cold shiver down their spines. Halloween figures that light up or make noises are especially popular. Therefore, how about the Skeleton In Spider Cocoon Glowing or the Brilliant mind hanging figure?

Some of our Halloween figures are especially suitable for your creepy buffet. For example the Zombie Brain Dekoschale, with which your guests can take the sweets directly from the open brainshell of the zombie at Halloween. A terrifying performance! The creepy Joker Candy Holder also looks great on your Halloween creepy buffet. The sneaky grinning Halloween figurine will offer plenty of trick-or-treaters to your guests. These Halloween figurines will make your Halloween party simply unforgettable! A little bit newer on the market are the Halloween Animatronics, talking and moving figures, which attract a lot of attention and scare your guests. At horror-shop.com you can find a variety of funny and scary Halloween Animatronics like for example the Graveyard Reaper With Sound & Movement, which makes threatening sounds. Also the Lying Mini Skeleton In Chains With Sound is guaranteed to scare almost every one of your party guests!

Our Halloween decoration figures enjoy special quality

Our high quality Halloween figurines will turn your home into a spooky haunted house within seconds. A successful Halloween decoration should teach your guests to be afraid. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection and easily create the necessary goose bumps with our Halloween decoration figurines.

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