Halloween Books, CDs & DVDs

A Halloween party needs the right sound effects to be a success. In our Halloween CDs and DVDs section you will find the perfect background music and the appropriate sound effects for your event. Create a scary atmosphere with thunder and piercing screams

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Halloween CDs and DVDs

Create a spooky ambience and mysterious atmosphere with the right Halloween background music

We all know that movie masterpieces like Hitchcock's „Psycho“ don't just use visual effects to create suspense. More than anything it is the music that puts the viewers into a state of suspense. This is where we from the Horror Shop come in with our selection of Halloween music. In this section you will find the perfect background music and sound effects to create a gloomy and spooky party atmosphere. Your guest will love it!

Our big selection of horror sound effects caters for all tastes. Shock your guests with bloodcurdling screams that seem to come straight from a torture chamber and watch panic fill their eyes. Fancy creating a crypt style party location? A vault full of wooden boxes is so much scarier when a thunder and lightning storm seems to rage outside? With our themed Halloween CDs you are guaranteed to make your party the ultimate spook event.

Our selection of Halloween music not only includes CDs for the atmospheric background of your party, but also trendy party tracks that are guaranteed to wake up the dead. Our party music CDs will make every vampire want to rise from his coffin and every skeleton want to shake a leg on the dancefloor. 
Create an unforgettable Halloween atmosphere and party until dawn with the Halloween CDs from horror-shop.com!

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