Halloween Books, CDs & DVDs

A Halloween party can only be a complete success with spooky sound effects. With our Halloween CD's and DVD's you will find the perfect sound background like rumbling thunder, scary wolf howls and bloodcurdling screams.

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Halloween CDs and DVDs

The right Halloween music creates a creepy atmosphere and a mysterious mood.

Every one of us knows the phenomenon from masterpieces of film art such as Hitchcock's "Psycho" - an experience does not become a scary situation through the visual alone. Rather, the atmosphere conveyed makes for an unforgettable horror experience. This is exactly where we from Horror-Shop.com come in and help you with our selection of Halloween music to provide your party with the necessary oppressive and scary mood. With these sound effects your party will be the ultimate scary success.

Our wide range of sound effects leaves nothing to be desired for horror fans. Accompany your guests with bloodcurdling screams in best torture chamber quality and watch the panic grow in the eyes of your friends. What would a crypt be without the obligatory thunderstorm? Probably not much more than a monotonous cellar vault with wooden boxes, but with our theme CDs in the Halloween music section you can make your theme party a success with absolute goosebumps.

But our range doesn't just provide atmospheric background music for your party, it also includes modern party themes that are guaranteed to bring the dead to life. With our exclusive party CDs, no vampire is guaranteed to stay in his coffin and the skeletons will rattle their bones while dancing.
Give your party the unmistakable atmosphere of Halloween and party until dawn and with all non-vampires even beyond - with the Halloween CDs from Horror-shop.com!

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