Halloween Body Parts

Fake body parts like bloodied heads, arms, legs, skulls, torsos, fingers, eyeballs, brains and hearts are essential to create an authentic dungeon or a realistic crime scene.

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Add a Gruesome Touch to your Next Halloween Party with Halloween Body Parts!

You come home. There is blood everywhere. Body parts littered about the floor, eyeballs crushed on the ground, bones and carnage everywhere. Severed hands, feet and heads are strewn all over the place. What do you do? Call the police? No, because it’s Halloween! Make your haunted house feel like a murder scene or the kitchen of the psycho butcher with the right Halloween Body Parts decorations. The gruesome and gory selection of fake body parts at Horror-Shop.com will blow you away.
If you aren’t doing a haunted house this year, your costume will go from good to great with some realistic, professional Halloween Special Effect Body Parts. Nothing says Halloween like a severed hand! Go crazy with the macabre additions to your costume; whatever gruesome detail you need to enhance your horror costume, we have it. All of these Halloween Body Parts are based on imprints of real body parts and organs, so you don’t have to worry about your guests realizing that they are fake. They will be absolutely horrified!

Create the Mad Scientist’s Laboratory with Halloween Body Parts

One of the most typical Halloween scenes is that of the Mad Scientist’s laboratory. With a few fake body parts and the right decorations, you can convert any room into this gruesome location of human experimentation. Start with some Jar with Brain to make it look like the mad scientist has preserved the brains for later research. The Jar with eyes will also give a similar impression. The Halloween Container With Bloody Latex Innards can be the body parts left over after experimentation. These Halloween Special Effect Body Parts are the stuff of nightmares. Fake body parts give the ultimate gory vibe and brilliantly evoke demented experimentation: with just a few fake body parts you can recreate the mad scientist’s laboratory for your next Halloween get together.

The Psycho Butcher with Special Effect Body Parts

Stuck for ideas creating the most horrific carnage possible for your next Halloween party? What about recreating the psycho butcher’s workshop? With a few strategically placed Halloween Special Effect Body Parts and a few other decorations, you could easily make your kitchen look like the workshop of the cannibal butcher. The Bloody Zombie Leg is so realistic it will look like you bought it at an actual butcher’s. This can be paired nicely with this Gammelfleisch Hand that will scare the living daylights out of someone if they open the fridge or freezer just to find this!
You’ll need a few more Halloween Body Parts from the psycho butcher’s shop to really complete the scene, and the gorier the better. This Bloody Latex Heart will really fool people into thinking that this is an actual butcher shop. Strategically placing this Heartless Zombie Dekofigur behind the man or woman dressed as the butcher will make it seem like the rotting flesh of this Halloween Special Effect Body Part is being carved right off the bone and getting ready to be packaged for your consumption. It’s a really horrific thought, but only appropriate at Halloween!
Let your imagination run wild. Horror-Shop.com has a wide range of grotesque Halloween Body Parts and Halloween Special Effect Body Parts to give a realistic horror experience. Worried that the body parts aren’t realistic enough? This Leg Left Vinyl looks exactly like the aftermath of a serial killer attack and is life-sized to get the most shock from your victims. The vinyl material is very realistic and the accurately created tendons, veins and toes will disturb everyone.

Hope you’ve got a strong stomach for Special Effect Body Parts…

Be sure to include a few of these Halloween Special Effect Body Parts at your Halloween dinner too! Imagine picking up a sandwich only to find a few Bloody Finger Tips 12 PCS underneath it. This grotesque and disturbing Halloween scenario can be recreated quickly and easily, so check out our selection of severed limbs, torsos, heads, fingers and eyes with the nerves still attached, that is, if you have the nerve yourself...

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