Loose & Rivets

Tickets and rivets for the raffle & tombola. Order tickets & rivets as event accessories now and surprise your guests with a raffle action

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Tickets & Rivets

Tickets & rivets for the tombola & raffle

Order raffle tickets & rivets as event supplies now and surprise your guests with a raffle promotion. Every one of us loves raffles and the chance to win the grand prize with colourful tickets and the right number. Sometimes the faces are all the longer when only rivets are drawn during a raffle action. Tickets & rivets belong together in every raffle and often decide over joy and sorrow.

Tickets & rivets as event accessories

Get tickets and rivets as event accessories now and offer your guests an attraction and the possibility to remember the event with a profit. For you as an organizer, tickets & rivets offer the possibility to financially support the event through ticket sales. The mixing ratio of winning numbers to rivets decides the winner quota and your investment in tickets & rivets in the end.

Order your tickets & rivets now and open a lottery, raffle or ticket booth at your event!
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