Colourful balloons and helium filled balloons are guaranteed to make your event a visual highlight.

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Colourful Balloons or helium balloons turn any party decoration into a visual highlight

There's nothing more beautiful than a party location decorated with tons of balloons. Balloons have always been used to create festive decorations for all kinds of events and party occasions. Our multi-coloured or plain-coloured balloons come in all kinds of shapes, colours and materials.

Latex Balloons

Balloons made of latex are the ultimate classic party decoration.  Balloons made of natural latex come in all kinds of shapes. Round balloons certainly are the most frequently used balloons, but there are also snake shaped ones, shapeable ones to make balloon animals and heart-shaped balloons for lovers.

Foil Balloons

Foil Balloons, like you find them at fun fairs, can be filled with helium so they will float in the air. The balloons are made of thin metallic foil and often feature colourful prints with the features of film or comic heroes. Foil Balloons are perfect for children's birthday parties. There is hardly a motif you won't find: no matter if you are looking for a Mickey Mouse helium balloon or a Spider-Man balloon for a comic party or a champagne bottle or bridal bouquet -shaped balloon for a wedding, in this section you will find it. It depends on the weather conditions and storage how long a helium filled Foil Balloon will float. Usually helium filled balloons last about 1-2 weeks and have to be refilled with normal air using a straw. Once the percentage of helium inside the balloon is lower than the percentage of oxygen, the balloon won't float anymore and become a "normal" balloon.

Modelling Balloons

Modelling Balloons can be turned into funny figures or animals and are therefore super popular with children. If you have ever watched a clown or street performer, you know how quickly they turn a balloon into a flower or an animal and you might want to try yourself. In the beginning it will take you some time to turn the long, thin latex balloons into a figure but you will see that practice makes perfect.

Water Balloons

In summer it is great fun to engage in water balloon fights. The tiny, super thin latex balloons have to be filled with water and thrown at your adversary or at walls just like snowballs. You can play funny games with Water Balloons or use them for refreshing Water Balloon fights. Water Balloons are great fun for kids and adults. The perfect entertainment for children's summer garden parties!
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