With the original licensed Zorro masks and costumes from our online shop, you'll become a heroic hoodlum scare on Halloween.

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Zorro Costumes

Original licensed Zorro costumes

Everyone knows Zorro, the famous avenger of the poor, from numerous cloak and dagger movies. No opponent is too dangerous for the black-clad hero - no woman too beautiful. Get our official Zorro costumes and become a fighter for the just cause yourself.

Zorro costumes and hats for adults and children

The Zorro costumes and hats are available for men and their offspring, so that both adults and children can go on a bandit hunt on Halloween.

Zorro costumes and accessories

Even a hero can't go empty-handed in the fight against crime. That's why we recommend the Zorro costumes as well as the gloves and the sword of the avenger - with the complete look you can attract the ladies' attention at every costume party.

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