The original licensed Terminator accessories are a must-have for every fan of the cult movie and also a unique Halloween disguise.

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Terminator Masks

Original licensed Terminator Masks

With "Terminator", director James Cameron has set himself a monument - the science fiction thriller has significantly shaped the genre, just as the second part has ignited a real fireworks in terms of special effects. With the Terminator masks you can slip into the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg and either destroy the world or save it from destruction.

Terminator Masks and Skulls for Collectors

The original licensed cyborg skulls, which are available in our shop, are also highly sought-after by fans. With their red glowing eyes, the dangerous-looking heads are a creepy wall decoration for collectors - and a real eye-catcher for visitors to whom you can present your very own cyborg.

Terminator masks from part 4 of the film series

In "Terminator: Salvation" Christian Bale as John Connor fights against hostile cyborgs and has to defend himself especially against the T600. We have the original licensed T600 mask, with which you can go on Halloween as a particularly sinister Terminator on the party guests.
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