The Mummy

For all fans of the horror film classic "The Mummy" we have top quality licensed merchandise such as the Boris Karloff mask.

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Licensed The Mummy Mask

Movie Mask The mummy of the horror classic fans

there are for every horror subgenre usually also a classic that started it all.So it is with Karl Freund horror movie "The Mummy" in which Boris Karloff the High Priest In-Ho-Tep, who is resurrected as a mummy from the dead, embodies.With the official movie The Mummy mask you can easily on Halloween in Old School Horror look smarten up and prove them that Totgesagte really live longer!

Original movie The Mummy Mask Latex

Even venerable mummies have off and enjoy the company of other people.Get the licensed film The Mummy Mask of our shop assortment and pull Carnival around the houses - maybe you meet the possibility of your dream woman embalmed.

Collectible for movie fans of the old school

Hand painted and customized to the smallest detail to the original from 1932, the film mask comes the mummy over extremely realistic and can be used as a Halloween disguise as well as high-quality collector's item - true horror fans will envy you to the ingenious Collectible !.
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