The Addams Family

Addams Family costumes for the whole family. Morticia, Uncle Fester and Wednesday are waiting for you. Order Addams Family costume accessories and merchandise online now.

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Addams Family Costumes

Licensed Addams Family Costumes

If you're into morbid humour with particularly weird characters, the Addams Family is the perfect choice - after all, the monster-like characters really go to town. With our official Addams Family costumes, you'll be part of the extended family and perfectly dressed for the next Halloween party!

Original Morticia Costume for Ladies with Taste

The wife of family patriarch Gomez is Madame Morticia - who, like the other family members, pursues her morbid tastes, but is always elegantly dressed. For all female fans of the TV series, we also have the gallant Morticia among the Addams Family costumes in our range.

Become an eye-catcher with the Addams Family costumes

Because of their universal application, the Addams Family costumes are not only something for Halloween, but also for carnival parties and gothic events. Thanks to the gloomy and at the same time distinguished look, no party guest will dare to refuse you a dance, so with the Addams Family costumes you'll always be in the best company!

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