Sucker Punch

Get the high quality Sucker Punch masks and become part of Zack Synder's cult movie at the next Halloween party!

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Licensed Sucker Punch Masks

Official masks from Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch

Director Zack Synder shows that he knows his way around wacky flicks with his action-packed fantasy spectacle "Sucker Punch". Fans of the colorful action can equip themselves with the original Sucker Punch masks to score with an extravagant look at Halloween & Carnival!

Sucker Punch masks in gas mask look.

In this eventful tale, five girls have to survive many a nasty villain. One of them is an old school soldier with a gas mask, which you can dress up as with our Sucker Punch masks.

High quality Sucker Punch masks for collectors

Wear these awesome Sucker Punch masks to your next fantasy movie theme party or find a place on the shelf for this extraordinary merchandise that your friends will surely envy!

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