Sesame Street

The officially licensed Sesame Street costumes, masks and accessories are a must have for all fans of this cult tv series.

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Sesame Street costumes & masks

Funny Sesame Street costumes with license

Who does not - the famous children's television program "Sesame Street" with Ernie, Bert and Co.? Whole generations of kids inspired them and is even nowadays a funny as instructive entertainment for the young.With the licensed Sesame Street costumes and masks to nostalgic fans and the American TV series can now disguise themselves as their childhood heroes!

Official Sesame Street costumes iconic

Each of us are funny characters of Sesame Street as the bird Bibo or gluttonous Krümelmonster a term.More pleased are you the eyes meet on the next Carnival Fete if you costumes enterst the party in the look of our original Sesame Street.

Sesame Street costumes for the kid in you

Once again omitted and be carefree as in childhood - this feeling can you bring back with our licensed Sesame mugs costumes and masks once more and celebrate the more cheerful and boisterous carnival !.
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