Dress up as serial killer "Ghostface" in the Scream costume & Scream mask and become Wes Craven's cult figure of splatter cinema. Scream Merchandise & Fan Articles in MEGA selection - buy online now!

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Scream Costumes & Masks

Licensed Scream Costumes and Masks for Slasher Fans

With "Srceam", director Was Craven ushered in a new wave of slasher films in the 90s, in which, as in the classics of the genre, teenage US suburbanites are the victims. Ironic asides to the horror film as well as the character of Ghostface made the film a crowd puller and box office hit. With the licensed Scream costumes and masks, you too can dress up as Ghostface and wreak havoc in your town.

Official Scream costumes, masks & knives for him and her

So that not only the gentlemen of creation are allowed to wreak havoc as Ghostface, we have both Scream men's and women's costumes available in our online shop - and the horror movie offspring can also go to work bloody in the Srceam children's costume. But for all of them: The obligatory Scream knife with license must not be missing as a costume accessory.

No Halloween party without a Scream costume

Scary horror movie theme parties and spooky Halloween events are the perfect events to spread fear and terror with the official Scream costume - after all, no one is safe from the infamous slasher character with the scary mask, not only in the Scream movie series.

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