The Popeye costume of the strong sailor is a classic among comic costumes. Own a Popeye costume now and dress up as the cartoon hero, Olivia or Brutus from the comic series.

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Popeye costume for comic fans

With a Popeye costume you go back to the time of the "heroes of childhood" and embody one of the most famous cartoon characters ever. First appearing in 1925, Popeye the Sailor was actually invented by his creator Elzie Segar as a side character in a comic book.
Popeye, the ever grumpy but lovable sailor with a captain's hat, anchor tattoo on his left muscular forearm, quickly became the darling of the comic book series and relegated the other characters to the back seats in no time.

Dress up in the Popeye costume for carnival & fancy dress party

The Popeye costume is a classic among carnival costumes and is also popular for theme parties and comic conventions. The distinctive appearance of the cartoon character makes Popeye the Sailor an icon of the comic world. The identifying features of a Popeye costume are his sailor clothing, thick muscular forearms, captain's hat and of course his whistle. His character's signature bald head can be simulated for perfectionists with a balding foil. If you really want to make an impression in your Popeye costume, we recommend taking along a can of spinach. Maybe you can even use it to store your cell phone, cigarettes and house keys.

Matching Popeye costume for women

In addition to Popeye, Olive Oyl plays another leading role in the animated series as the sailor's mistress. Olive, who is always flirting with other men, drives Popeye crazy with jealousy. Especially when his main nemesis Brutus appears on the scene and asks for Olivia's hand in marriage, Popeye resorts to spinach cans to use superpower to beat up his rival. Dressing up as Olivia Oil or Olive Oyl, is thus the perfect Popeye costume for women. Dressed together as Popeye and Olivia, the Popeye costume is great for owning a couple costume for fancy dress & carnival with it.

Popeye costume for kids and toddlers

Popeye is popular with young and old alike and so it goes without saying that there is also a Popeye costume for children and toddlers. The Popeye kids costume includes just like the adult costume sailor shirt, muscle arms and captain's hat only the pipe was left out because you don't want to tempt the kids to smoke...
The Popeye baby costume looks like Popeye's adopted son Swea'Pea, or as he is called in Germany "Popi". The cute Popeye baby costume makes it possible for you to be dressed up as the whole family in the Popeye costume.

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