Maleficent is a popular carnival and Halloween costume. Get your Maleficent costume now with demonic looking Maleficent horns and dress up as an evil fairy. Mega selection of fairy tale costumes for cosplay & Walpurgis Night.

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Maleficent- the dark fairy

is based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, written in the Grimm Brothers' collection of fairy tales and whose origins can most likely be found in Charles Perrault's "Beauty in the Sleeping Forest" from 1697.
In 2014, the story was reinterpreted as a fantasy film and adapted by Walt Disney Studios with Angelina Jolie in the lead role. Even in earlier Disney films, the characters of the evil queen, witches and fairies, were fond of the colors black, purple and green, which gave the characters their menacing character.

Maleficent Costume & Maleficent Horns for Carnival & Halloween

The 13th fairy is as an animated character, just like in the live-action film with Angelina Jolie, of course perfectly made to appear at Mardi Gras, Halloween and Walpurgis Night in the Maleficent costume of the evil fairy. The legendary black, purple, floor-length witch costume, features long wing-like sleeves and looks eerie and menacing with every move. As such, the dark fairy witch costume features the classic Disney color scheme for its evil characters. A Maleficent costume impresses first and foremost with its extremely large, black Maleficent horns attached to the headpiece. The diabolical-looking horns, along with the makeup, make for the perfect Maleficent costume.

Do Angelina Jolie's make-up yourself

Besides the Maleficent costume and the Maleficent horns, the witch make-up of the evil fairy is an important point to appear in style at the next Halloween party. On a green base of aqua or cream makeup, the characteristic features of the evil fairy can be emphasized with shading and highlights. The extremely accentuated cheekbones, the piercing eyes with striking eyebrow contour, as well as the dark lips belong just as much to a Maleficent costume as the Maleficent horns.

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