Now mask up as one of Clive Barker's cenobites from the horror movie "Hellraiser" with the Pinhead Mask and Hellraiser Costume for Halloween. We have the perfect costume selection for your Pinhead costume and Hellraiser mask.

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Hellraiser Costumes & Pinhead Masks

Original licensed Hellraiser costumes and accessories for Pinhead fans

With "Hellraiser" writer and director Clive Barker created a groundbreaking horror film - lust and pain are the central motifs of the atmospherically dense work and its numerous sequels. The main character Pinhead was embodied in almost all parts of actor Doug Bradley, who has long become a horror icon with his physical presence and distinctive sayings. For all fans of the cult film we have original licensed Hellraiser costumes, the Pinhead mask and other accessories in our assortment.

Celebrate Halloween with the Pinhead Mask

Horror movie disguises are always an absolute highlight on Halloween. Dress up as a nail-pierced cenobite in your licensed Hellraiser costume with your Pinhead Mask and become the leader of the demons from hell. Complete your Pinhead costume with torture tools and decorate it with thick movie blood. Wear colored Hellraiser contact lenses to make sure your friends won't recognize you.

Hellraiser Costumes for a Pain and Pleasure Experience

The Pinhead Cube Hellraiser Box is a must-have costume accessory if you want to dress up as Pinhead. The brown wooden box in the shape of a cube, is the ominous item used to bring the Cenobites into our reality. Try to summon the demons with the beautifully decorated cube or take on the form of a cenobite yourself with the Scorn Cenobite Costume. Any horror fan is sure to love the official licensed products like the Pinhead Mask and Cenobite Costumes! Order our Clive Barker Hellraiser costume now here in the horror shop.

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