Friday The 13th.

he Jason Voorhess costume and Jason mask are a must-have for fans of the horror movie "Friday the 13th" - Order your Jason Voorhees costume and Jason hockey mask online now. Jason Voorhess merchandise & fan articles in MEGA selection.

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Jason Voorhess Costume & Jason Mask for Fans of "Friday the 13th".

Friday the 13th - one of the longest running horror film series.

Sean S. Cunningham's "Friday the 13th" has been one of the most well-known representatives of the horror genre since 1980, and with its main character Jason Voorhees and the Jason mask, it is the epitome of the classic slasher film.
Jason Voorhees was driven into the lake by fellow students as a child at the summer camp "Camp Crystal Lake". Little Jason drowned in a gruesome manner, while the teenage chaperones were oblivious to his fate. Jason Voorhees' mother takes revenge for the loss of her son on the residents of the summer camp. In the 2nd installment of "Friday the 13th," we learn that Jason survived the incident after all! He now takes revenge on all the teenagers in the Jason Voorhess costume and Jason mask in 11 sequels.

The serial killer with Jason mask & Jason Voorhess costume as a cult figure of the horror film " Friday the 13th".

Jason quickly became a cult figure in horror films as a psychopathic serial killer. For the first two parts, the Jason mask was still shown as a white sack that was meant to hide his disfigured face. From the 3rd part onwards, the Jason hockey mask was used for the first time. Since then, the Jason hockey mask soft vinyl is one of the most popular Halloween masks ever!
Almost all of the 11 episodes of "Friday the 13th" were pursued in Germany by the Federal Review Board, indexed and are partly still confiscated today. Thanks to this circumstance, the Jason Voorhees costume and Jason mask from the horror movie "Friday the 13th" has become a cult object. There is practically no Halloween that the Jason Voorhess costume and the infamous Jason mask is not on the hit list of horror fans.

Jason Mask & Jason Voorhess Costume as Halloween Disguise

The Jason Mask, is now a cult favorite and almost every horror movie fan immediately associates the hockey mask with the movie " Friday the 13th".
The white Jason Ice Hockey Mask is the most important Jason Voorhess costume accessory next to the Jason Machete. There are besides the famous Jason hockey mask, a lot of variations of the Jason mask, some show his disfigured face, in others the Jason hockey mask is removable. The Jason mask is available from cheap to luxury version made of high quality latex.
Depending on the intended use, you can buy a cheap Jason mask, or if you are a collector, you can get a limited collector's edition Jason mask, which could then increase in value.
The Jason Machete Economy as Jason Voorhess costume decoration weapon should not be missing if you want to be dressed up in an authentic Jason Voorhees costume. Countless "Friday the 13th" fan merchandise will make sure you're recognizable as a horror fan. Instead of a Jason Voorhess costume, how about a Jason Chips bowl, some Jason shot glasses, or the giant Jason Voorhess tombstone as Halloween decorations?

Dress up now in the Jason Voorhess costume as the serial killer from Camp Crystal Lake.

Get the Jason Ice Hockey Mask Jason hockey mask, the Jason machete as costume accessories and old second hand clothes from the old clothes collection. Use soot, coffee or fabric paint to stain the clothes and make a mess with movie blood. It's really easy to create your own Jason Voorhess costume. If you don't feel like putting together your own costume, we're sure to have an exceptional Jason Voorhess costume for you.

Friday the 13th Halloween Party

Why not throw a "Friday the 13th" themed party for Halloween and invite your Halloween party guests to the "Camp Crystal Lake" summer camp.
You can set up tents in the backyard or small dwellings made of bedsheets in the home. Decorate your location with plastic chains, Jason Voorhees tombstone and our Camp Crystal Lake Shield . Your party guests can all come dressed up in 80's teen clothes like cheerleaders or sweaters and nerd glasses.
Except flashlight light and LED candles you should not allow any light. Now all some of your party attendees have to do is show up dressed in Jason Voorhess costume and masked up with Jason Mask and the Camp Crystal Lake party is in full swing.
You see, Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhess are still as iconic as ever! With our Jason Mask & Jason Costume you'll always be right with horror & Halloween fans.

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