With the original licensed Elvira costumes and wigs you will become the famous/ infamous Mistress of the Dark on Halloween.

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Elvira Costumes & Accessories

Official Elvira Costumes

In "Elvira - Ruler of Darkness" the US-American television presenter Cassandra Peterson plays herself. Accordingly, the focus is less on the plot than on her sexy appearance, which we have in store for you in the form of Elvira costumes and accessories!

Mistress of the Dark Costumes & Accessories

Elvira's trademark is her slinky dress and extravagant hairstyle - with our Elvira costumes and matching wig, you can dress up in the style of the seductive actress & presenter and turn heads at your town's carnival parade!

Licensed Elvira Costumes as Halloween Disguise

Elvira's favorite color is definitely black, making the licensed Elvira costumes a great template for the next Halloween party! With this sexy look you can turn men's heads!

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