Deadpool Costume & Deadpool Merchandise as a costume accessory for your performance as Marvel villain. Disguise yourself now as Wade Wilson and become a mutant. Deadpool Costume & Deadpool Mask buy now for less!

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Deadpool Costume for Carnival & Carnival

Disguise yourself with a Deadpool costume as a really cool Marvel action star. Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, is more anti-hero than Captain America or Iron Man. Deadpool says he's an "asshole," and takes "bigger assholes" as a mercenary. He was something like a tooth fairy, but he cut his teeth out and kept the money. You like his loose slogans? Then a Deadpool costume is just right for you. Disguise yourself in carnival as an immoral superhero with loose mouth. Moral superheroes may go to heaven, but the evil anti-heroes from the cartoon world already have a lot of fun on Earth.

The cool deadpool costume in the action colors: red & black

Every superhero hides behind a special elevator. Either, as with Spiderman, it's about protecting the hero's bourgeois identity, or the suit has special super features like Iron Man. The Deadpool costume, however, serves primarily to hide Wade Wilson's disfigured appearance. The face and body of the Marvel hero are horribly disfigured by torture. The secret behind it? In the Deadpool story, mercenary Wade Wilson has incurable cancer. Therefore, he engages in dubious experiments in a secret laboratory, through which he is promised healing. In this case, a mutant gene is to be activated in the body by drastic torture methods. After unimaginable torments Wade Wilson actually becomes a mutant and develops extraordinary self-healing powers. From now on he is covered from top to bottom with scars and tumors. That screams for revenge! So Wade Wilson slips into a black and red full body costume with full face mask and equips with swords and small arms. The now almost invulnerable and extremely cool Deadpool is born.

Easy dress up with the Deadpool costume

Since Wade Wilson wants to completely hide his ugly disfigurements with his Deadpool costume, you also have it easy to dress up. The complete suit as a comfortable muscle Jumpsuit and the mask are already completely sufficient, so you can rock the carnival and theme party in the authentic Deadpool costume. With the Marvel superhero costume you save yourself an elaborate styling and enjoy every minute of the costume event. And instead of working hard for hours on end for the muscles of the hot-tempered hero in the Mucki Bude, you're simply brushing on the muscle. The sexy muscle packages are already incorporated into the costume. The Economy version of the costume consists of a muscle-tipped T-shirt in Deadpool design and the Deadpool mask.

Long live the equal rights! The Deadpool costume for women

Deadpool is a man in the original comic book and also in the Hollywood film adaptation with Ryan Reynolds. It can not be shaken. But the suit is far too sexy to be reserved for men only. And the cheeky sayings are also extremely good for a female hero. Thought, done: the deadpool costume for women creates in no time a female version of the ultra-cool hero. Like the male equivalent, you are wrapped in a tight jumpsuit and a full face mask in the Deadpool costume. Instead of massive muscle mountains come through the tight-fitting suit your female curves to advantage. Extra-large eye openings ensure that you can let off steam to your heart's content with an intense feminine eye make-up. As Marvel heroine costumed, you give yourself completely unconcerned to the Deadpool motto: I do not want trouble. I only do it!

Disguised in the Deadpool costume: Proverbs knock à la Wade Wilson

What is the nature of Deadpool? He is strong, as good as invulnerable, wears a cool costume and he tears incessantly loud slogans. For a convincing performance as a Marvel Hero you should therefore also get a whole bunch of loose comments. If you want to be particularly authentic, it may be pretty rough and vulgar like the original. Wade Wilson has no respect for anyone or anything, and a strong predilection for sexuality. Since he is also very self-ironic, the red Deadpool costume is always an issue for him. When asked why he wears a red suit, he has several answers at once. For example, that Christmas is and he is hunting for very naughty boys. Or that way the bad guys would not see if he bleed. The other with the brown pants would have understood the principle. Make up your own Deadpool spells and let it rattle at the superhero theme party and carnival. The real Deadpool would go wild with joy.

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