Chucky - the murder doll from the movie "Child`s Play" is the perfect Halloween costume as a Chucky costume together with the Chucky mask. Mask up now as Chucky and conquer the children`s rooms as a horror doll of the company "Good Guy".

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Chucky - the murder doll from "Child's Play

Dress up as a horror doll with the Chucky mask.

Hey, that's Chucky. Do you want to play? Even though the toy doll is shipped by the company "Good Guys" and the clothes rather suggest a little boy, it should become clear at the latest at the sight of the kitchen knife and the rather cut up face that Chucky is a murderer doll. The cult horror movie series "Child's Play" shows us just how murderous children's toys can be. Now mask up as a killer doll with a licensed Chucky mask and use it to scare your party guests this Halloween.

Costume up as Chucky for the Halloween party

Now that you already own a Chucky mask with red hair and lots of scars, all you need is a matching Chucky costume. Either look for a blue jumpsuit and an 80s striped sweater at the flea market or order a Chucky costume, which is already available in the legendary look of the murder doll. A realistic Chucky costume consists of a pair of blue, blood-stained dungarees, which are characteristically printed with the red lettering "Good Guys", and a striped top. Now you own the appearance of the nasty toy doll, which provides not only in the nursery for fear and terror.

Chucky dolls as action figure for horror fans with a passion for collecting

Do you really dare to own a real Chucky doll as a collectible figure? For all fans of the little creep we have original, licensed Chucky dolls in our assortment. Some of these dolls can be moved at many points and thus be brought into different positions, some of the Chucky dolls can even talk and show their malice with nasty laughter and mean sayings. Whether as a Halloween decoration or as a collector's item - with the Chucky doll as an action figure you can teach your friends the creeps. Express your passion for the horror genre. Let's just hope that the evil spirit of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray doesn't spread from the Chucky doll to your other cuddly toys!

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