Stephen King's thriller Carrie is one of the great classics of the horror genre - perfectly adapted for the movie screen by brian de Palma. Order your officially licensed carrie costumes at the Horror Shop!

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Carrie Licensed Costumes for horror film fans

Get Licensed Carrie Costumes for your bloody prom night

The creepiest stories of contemporary literature have been written by Stephen King, the grandmaster of horror. One of them is his psycho thriller "Carrie" - adapted for the movie screen by Brian De Palma - where the young protagonist is put under so much pressure by her classmates that she causes a bloodbath during prom night using her telekinetic powers. If you want to turn yourself into a gory prom queen for a day, just order one of our Carrie Licensed Costumes! 

Show that you are a horror film fan with our Carrie Licensed Costumes

Every horror fan knows the story of the teenage girl who gets torured by her mother and hassled by her classmates. So how cool would it be to turn yourself into one of the female horror icons of literature and film with one of our Carrie Licensed Costumes?

Carrie LLicensed Costumes are the perfect Halloween costume

Even girls want to shock their party guests on Halloween. To do so we recommend our Carrie Licensed Costumes like the bloody ball gown. These costumes are guaranteed to make you the splatter queen of the evening.

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