Breaking Bad

"Breaking Bad" is one of the best that the TV landscape has to offer. For all fans we have the original licensed masks of the TV series in our assortment.

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Breaking Bad Masks

Breaking Bad masks on the rise

The US-American television series "Breaking Bad" convinced numerous critics and fans all along the line thanks to its ingenious concept, the multi-layered characters and the black humor. At the center is Walter White, a chemistry teacher suffering from lung cancer, who decides without further ado to embark on a career as a drug manufacturer and dealer together with the petty criminal Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking Bad masks of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

The fascination of the TV event also lies in the transformation of the protagonist from an average guy to a ruthless criminal, for whom his real concern - to secure his family with the drug money - gradually serves only as an excuse to enjoy the gangster life. With the Breaking Bad masks of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman you too can dress up as a drug dealer and show that you are a true fan of the unique TV series.

With the Breaking Bad masks you slip into the role of the ruthless Heisenberg.

Walter White chose the cult name Heisenberg as his pseudonym - get the Heisenberg look from our Breaking Bad masks and become a meth cook with plenty of criminal energy even in your hometown!

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