Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger licensed merchandise as "Nightmare on Elm Street" fan merchandise. Order now your Freddy Krueger costume with Freddy mask and Freddy Krueger blade glove - Huge selection of Freddy Krueger accessories of the horror movie character by Wes Cra

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Freddy Krueger Masks

Original licensed Freddy Krueger Masks and Costumes

In Wes Craven's cult slasher film "A Nightmare on Elm Street", the disfigured serial killer Freddy Krueger visits his teenage victims in their dreams - only when he manages to enter the reality of the teeangers, he can kill them. Lead actor Robert Englund has the role written all over him - with our Freddy Krueger masks you too can slip into the skin of the terrifying horror figure.

Nighmare on Elm Street accessories for your Halloween appearance

The protagonist from the slasher classic has his own special trademarks. Get the Freddy Krueger masks as well as the sweater, floppy hat and clawed gloves and show yourself off at the next Halloween party.

Freddy Krueger Masks and Decorative Items

True fans are always on the lookout for cool fan items of their horror idols. With the Nightmare on Elm Street licensed products such as the noble floor figure, the Freddy vs. Jason serving plate, the goblet, the mirror foil as window decoration and cool accessories such as the keychain, you can turn your four walls into a horror movie museum.

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