Kids' Fancy Dress Costumes

Carnival costumes for children Carnival costumes for small children revelers! Now Order funny kids Costumes & Baby costumes for the children's carnival. Big collection of funny carnival costumes and terribly beautiful Halloween costumes for children

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Kids’ Carnival Costumes

Costumes for Kids - Courageous knights and elegant princesses of all ages

You like Carnival, right? It is a fun time of the year when you get to go a little crazy and forget about the stress of daily life. You can see your friends, eat, drink, party and be merry! Best of all, you get to choose any costume you want and be someone else for a day. So, here’s a question for you: why can’t the kids do it too!? At, we believe firmly that there is no age too young to partake in the Carnival celebrations, and the more people in costume, the merrier!
That is why we offer a huge selection of Kids’ Carnival Costumes for the smallest babies right up through teenagers. We offer Kids’ Fancy Dress Costumes in a variety of sizes, so this is a good starting place in choosing which costume to order. Every Child Carnival Costume has a description including a size chart to help make sure that your child looks as fabulous as possible for this Mardi Gras.
We are assuming that you are going to help your children decide which Kids’ Carnival Costume they want for this year, so why not bring them in front of the computer with you and choose together? Do you want to make Carnival a family celebration this year? Then make sure to grab a few Kids’ Fancy Dress Costumes that match Mom and Dad’s and turn the celebration into a family-themed event. Child Carnival Costumes are the easiest way to get your kids happy about celebrating Mardi Gras this year and are the best way to get them involved in the festivities! Let them be Superman or a pretty princess for a day, you know they’ll love it!

Babies, Toddlers, Tweens & Teens Carnival Costumes

All our Kids’ Carnival Costumes are age and size specific. Different Kids’ Fancy Dress Costume types and sizes ensure that you can choose the most appropriate style for your child, no matter what age they are. Do you have a new baby about ready to celebrate his first Carnival? Then this Baby Bat Costume is perfect and will ensure that you get many adorable pictures to remember this moment for years to come! Wouldn’t it be funny if your baby is in a hilarious Child Carnival Costume but he or she is too young to realize how funny it actually is? Some great videos can come about from that and this Chicken baby costume is a perfect example of how to exploit his or her fun innocence for the Mardi Gras celebration.
Is your child a bit older and able to walk on its own? Then you can check out all our Kids’ Carnival Costumes that are specifically designed for toddlers, like this Supergirl Toddler Costume or this adorable Yoda Toddler Costume. It’s impossible to look at these cute Kids’ Fancy Dress Costumes without saying “Aw”!

Several Child Carnival Costumes in all Sizes

For older children, there are really too many Child Carnival Costumes to list; we offer everything from Butterfly Ballerina S to Pfiffikus The Clown Child Costume and everything in between. Not to worry, there are plenty of designs, variations of similar costumes and sizes to match your child’s interests perfectly. Is your child a bit too old for Kids’ Carnival Costumes but not old enough for adult costumes? Then maybe you should check out our line of Kids’ Fancy Dress Costumes designed specifically for teenagers or larger children, like this age-appropriate Spider Bat Costume Teen Violet or Monster Bride Teen Costume. It’s important that teenagers have an age-appropriate Child Carnival Costume, so it will be a good idea to check out this range of Kids’ Carnival Costumes before you look through the adult ones for them.
Are you ready for Carnival? We have a ton of Child Carnival Costumes for all tastes and all sizes of children. Let your kids escape into fantasy on this Carnival; that starts with choosing the right costume!

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